A Beginners Guide to Write More Effective and Powerful Emails

Learn the ways to become more efficient in your writing.

In this blog I will share you the tips and tricks that helped me to write better emails and contents as a professional.

This blog is mainly for individuals who are trying to learn how to write effective emails or contents in professional life. The main key point of this blog is, how to write better contents that attracts your readers.

Before I tell the first point, I want you to try to understand the below diagram (explanation provided below).

Write Better Emails and Contents

The explanation:
            You write about your world/thinking/idea/suggestion (as text or email or an essay etc.). Readers perceive this information as a message. They read this message and try to understand about your world/thinking/idea/suggestion. Then they try to get the value out of it.

So you must understand that, value is in the understanding of the readers and not in your writing.

How can “Readers” find value in a writing?

There are many ways to make a writing valuable. Let us start from point 1.
     The first point is, before writing anything, you must know your reader. You should know how they perceive information provided to them. What they wish to know from you. And so on….
This is important because, this will help you to identify your target audience and prepare the content accordingly.

So the first point learnt is:
1. Understand your readers

Okay, I know my readers, then what next?
That’s great! You have completed the most essential part of writing a great content. So let’s proceed further.

For the next tip, I want you to check the below diagram and try to understand it.

Write Better Emails and Contents

This diagram is known as “writing value pyramid” diagram.

This diagram is conveying that a writing needs to be,

  1. Clear and to the point.
  2. Organized, so that people understands it easily.
  3. It should be persuasive so that people find it interesting.
  4. And most importantly, it must have information that matters.

The value of a writing (in the eyes of a reader) increases when you put all the above 4 points in your writings. This is difficult to achieve but the result is very rewarding.

One important point about this diagram is that, the order of the points matter.
    You should not try to put valuable information first then try to organize it. Instead, you should start clear, concise and organized from the beginning. Then add information on to that.

The last and final point I want to add in this blog is that. A short story (generally 50 to 100 words) at the beginning, gives your readers a boost about the topic. This can be as simple as, what you have learned over the years. This is good to have but not always necessary.

At the end I want to summarize the 3 points that I discussed above are

  1. Understand your readers and write what they are looking for.
  2. Follow “writing value pyramid” to make the appeal of your writing better to the readers.
  3. And last but not least, add a short story at the beginning if possible.

Before I end, I would like to add few additional points.

  1. Writing is not always about conveying ideas. Writing is about conveying ideas that your readers are looking for in an effective way.
  2. Your wring can be new, your writing can be original but if it does not have important knowledge which can help to move the conversation forward, then it will have a very less value in the eyes of your reader.

Thank you for reading this through. I hope you have learned the basic methods to write better emails and contents.

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This is not the end. If you would like to learn more about how to write world-class emails and contents, you can watch this YouTube video

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