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Create Custom 404 Error Page For SharePoint Online
Without Writing Any Code

In this post I will share how to create a custom 404 ( or page not found ) error page for SharePoint Online Team Site. The process is simple and straight forward but requires little trick. Moreover this process doesn’t require you to write any code, you can use the default SharePoint page creation tool to create your own 404 error page. However, if you wish to write code to customize the page, you can do that as well. So without any delay, check below and find out how to design the 404 error page.

Why Do you need a custom 404 page in SharePoint?

Well the default 404 page in SharePoint may not be appropriate and you may want to use a better user experience for your customers. In such case you need to create a custom 404 error page, which will be displayed when users put a wrong URL.
The benefit of having a custom 404 page that your customers will have better aesthetic pleasure while using the SharePoint site.

without custom 404 sharepoint page
Default SharePoint 404 page


You will need the following to complete this tutorial

  1. Site collection admin access in the SharePoint site
  2. SharePoint Designer 2013

If you have both of the above then follow the below steps to create your custom page not found page in SharePoint.


#1. Create a new SharePoint page and customize it as you want

The first step for creating a custom 404 page is to have a SharePoint page ready for the same purpose. So, create a new SharePoint page and customize it.
To keep this tutorial simple, I have not shown how to add custom JavaScript to read the URL and give a corresponding response.

As mentioned above I have created a simple page(image below) and named it as Page Not Found(you can name it as you wish). As you can see I have customized it with some basic images and texts.
After creating the page, copy the link from the navigation bar as below

custom 404 page SharePoint online
SharePoint page created as custom 404 error page

#2. Connect To Site from SP designer

Now connect and open the SharePoint site in SharePoint designer

Connect to SP designer newbietechie
connect to SP designer

#3. Open the Site Options and Modify it

After connecting to the site using SharePoint designer, open the site options pane from the top menu. Then check if the below parameter exists, if it exists then your site already has a 404 error page configured. On the other hand, if the parameter doesn’t exist then add a new parameter and set the value as the site link of the page you copied in first step. Follow the images below to understand better.
Parameter name: vti_filenotfoundpage
Value: /sites/TestSite/SitePages/PageNotFoundError.aspx
note: for you the value might be different as it depends on the page link

Designer site options newbietechie to create custom 404 sharepoint page
Open Site Options
create a custom 404 sharepoint page by adding vtipagenotfound property newbietechie
Add the parameter

That’s it, click apply and okay.

#Final. Test the 404 page

Now to test the 404 page, type a wrong URL under that SharePoint site. If you have done everything correctly then you should be able to see as below.

testing custom 404 sharepoint page wrong url
Put wrong URL to test
custom 404 sharepoint page redirected redirected
Redirected to 404 page

#Next Steps

That’s all I have for creating a custom 404 SharePoint page. However there other ways as well such as using PowerShell or using tools other than SharePoint designer. Below are some links which you can take a look if you are interested.
Thank you, I hope you now have a custom 404 page for your site.

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