How to create flow from a template Power Automate Beginners

In this post I will share you the process to create a flow from a downloaded template. This post is fairly simple and can be easily understood. So let’s start.

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What is Power Automate Flow Template? How to create a Power Automate flow from a template?

Power Automate is a great tool for creating automated tasks such as sending reminder email, document approval, etc. Now most of the time a Flow is created and used within the same team/organization. But if in any case a user needs to share a flow configuration to other team/organization then they might have the permission to do it. In these scenario, you can create a template of your Power Automate Flow and then share it as needed. The recipient can download the template and create a flow from that base.

To create a Template, navigate to the flow page. Open the flow for which you want to create the template for. On the top select the option, export. Give it a name and select export. Follow the images below to understand better.

Import the Template

If you do not have a template, check this post to create a template.

Import Power Automate flow Template
upload the flow template

Set the parameters

Set the parameters

If you do not have any values under “Select during import” option, then create a connection by following this. The connection name will be same as the resource type (above), search with that name in connection page.

Create a new connection in Power Automate

Finish and test the flow

After selecting the parameters, select Import and your Power Automate flow should be imported.

After import is complete, you should see the below information at the top of the page.

Power Automate Flow imported Successfully

You can now navigate back to Power Automate home page and you will be able to see the imported flow. By default imported flows are in turned off state, turn it on when you wish to run it.

After Importing

That’s it. This is all you need to import a Power Automate flow Template.


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