Are you willing to buy iPhone 13 ? Well in this post we have covered all the pros and cons of iPhone 13 which will help you decide.

iPhone 13

An Immersive Beauty With The Power Of A Beast

As always the iPhone 13 is a beast in performance and the design does not need any complement. Here are some promotional videos from Apple.
Introducing iPhone 13 | Apple – YouTube
Introducing iPhone 13 Pro | Apple – YouTube

Key Specifications:

As always, Apple delivered more than customer expectation. The Apple iPhone 13 comes with BAGS full of features. Which are not only impressive but also available only in iPhone. Below are the key specifications of Apple iPhone 13

  • Lightning fast A15 chip, experience the
  • Apple’s most advanced dual camera system with cinematic mode.
  • As hard as a rock. Its body is made of ceramic shield instead of plastic or glass.
  • Improved daily usage experience with a larger battery.
  • The best in class Super Retina XDR display.

Specifications in Detail:

1. Powerful A15 Bionic: A Game Changing Chip

A15 Bionic is the latest chipset from Apple and is available in bot iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. This chipset is powerful enough to record, edit and share cinematic quality videos on the fly. Below are the features of A15 Bionic

  • Improved performance with speed boosting. It can provide up to 50% performance boost and 30% graphics boost.
  • Very well optimized to maximize battery life and device performance. Up to 2.5hrs more battery life.
  • Comes with built in Privacy protection technology.

2. Impressive Dual Camera System

As always Apple delivers the best cameras on the marked with every new iPhone product. This is true for iPhone 13 as well. It is very brilliant from Apple to put the cameras diagonally instead of side by side. This helped them to use bigger sensor while consuming less space. This had helped them to put dual camera on the mini version as well. Some key features of the camera are.

  • Ultrawide mode, capture more beautiful pictures during night as well
  • New sensor-shift optical image stabilization.
  • Cinematic mode, shift focus during video shoot and also after video shoot.
  • Night mode selfies.

3. Excellent Build Quality

Apple has used Ceramic instead of plastic to improve its durability while maintaining best in class look. This helped them in many ways, below are two such examples

  • Reduced fall damage to the device
  • Reduced Carbon foot-print. Learn more here

4. Super Retina XDR Display

Extraordinary screen to match with the latest camera technology.

  • Extra sharp visual quality with ultra-high pixel density.
  • Super Bright – up to 1200 nits
  • cinema standard wide colour gamut.

Learn more here

5. And Many More………..

  • Multiply the magic. Easily connect between devices Mac, iPad, iPhone …
  • Double storage space, starts from 128 GB variant.
  • Deep fusion, Smart HDR 4, Portrait Mode, and just to name a few….

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This blog post is mainly created to help user know the key features of Apple iPhone 13 quickly. All the images and information used in this post are available in Apple website (link here). We have not modified and used any images or contents for commercial purpose but only for promotional purpose.
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