Teams Chat Not Loading – Best 3 Easy Solutions

If your Teams Chat not visible then please follow the below steps.

Example screenshot of the issue, it may not be same for you but will be something similar. As you can see, Teams chat is not loading and visible. It will keep on loading and at the end it will show, sorry unable to load Teams chat.

Teams chat loading issue image

Method 1: Simple Cache clearance

  1. First, sign out of your Teams application and then sign back in. This quick step helps to reload all the Teams application cache along with Teams chat. Follow the image below.
    Sign Out Teams
  2. Sign in again and verify if Teams chat is visible. If the chat is still not visible try the below troubleshooting method.

*Note, for the below method you need to close your outlook application and Microsoft Teams application both.

Method 2: Manual Cache Clearing

  1. As this issue seems to be due to cache, we will clear the application cache.
  2. Before proceeding further, sign-out of Teams application and close Outlook application.
  3. Microsoft stores Teams application cache in C drive inside users folder. Use the below path to navigate to Teams cache location.
    C:\Users\<your user id> \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams
    Teams Cache location
  4. Once you are in the folder, select everything and delete. But, if you are unwilling to delete, you can cut everything and paste them in a separate location as backup.
  5. Verify the folder is empty after removing the cache files.
  6. Next, (a quick restart is better but not a mandatory thing) sign-in to Teams application and check Teams chat is visible now.

If Teams chat still not loading, try reinstalling your application or contact your company IT for further help. You can also check the Microsoft community forum for help.

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