Is your laptop keyboard not working? Did your laptop keyboard stopped working suddenly in windows 10?
This issue can happen to any laptop and irrespective of the company.


This can happen due to many reason. Most common of them is that the keyboard driver stopped working due to some application conflict. If you wish to know the root cause, you can definitely check Event Viewer and find the actual issue. This will help you to eliminate the issue completely. Anyways, I am going to give you an actual solution for the issue of laptop keyboard not working. Follow the steps below.


Try the below options for troubleshooting the issue

  • Check for Windows updates
  • Verify if the problem is caused by hardware or software
  • Check the Keyboard Settings
  • Run the keyboard troubleshooter
  • Uninstall secondary keyboards
  • Update your keyboard driver
  • Verify that Windows 10 has no keyboard system file errors
  • Run an SFC scan
  • Reboot your computer

Work Around:

  • Open and use the on screen Keyboard


Method 1

Open Keyboard Troubleshooter and troubleshoot for any issues.

open keyboard troubleshooter

Method 2

Step 1: Disconnect and open Device Manager

First disconnect any external keyboard if there is any. Then, right click on Windows > open Device Manager.

Open Device Manager for fixing laptop keyboard not working issue
Open Device Manager

Step 2: Find the Laptop Keyboard Driver

Find the Keyboard drivers. The inbuilt keyboard drivers will look something like the below screenshot. Right Click and Uninstall.
Note, uninstall sequence should be correct otherwise it may not work.

  1. Uninstall the PS/2 keyboard device/driver first
  2. Uninstall the HID keyboard driver second. It will prompt to reinstall, please restart to fix the issue.
find inbuilt-keyboard-driver for fixing laptop keyboard not working problem
Uninstall keyboard driver and fix laptop stopped working issue
After restart, the keyboard should start working. If the laptop keyboard still not working then try reinstalling graphics driver and the chipset driver. Also try updating BIOS.

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