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Microsoft Teams is a very powerful collaboration tool from Microsoft which comes with O365 office subscription and also has a free version (with limited features). Moreover beside being a great collaboration tool Microsoft Teams has many features including 3rd party app integration, document storage and many more. However even after being a very good tool, it has some flaws which occurs quite often and intermittently. One of them is that, Microsoft Teams keeps loading or stays in the not loading screen forever. This is a very common issue with Microsoft Teams and can be resolved very quickly if you know the steps.

There are several process you can follow to resolve this teams not loading issue, however in this post I have only shared 3 methods which I found most helpful as per my experience.

## Method 1: Cache Clearance

Teams uses cache files to improve application load time and performance. But the same cache files sometimes do not work as intended and causes this kind of not loading issues. Hence removing cache files can sometimes help to fix the Teams not loading issue. Here’s how you can remove teams cache files.
By design Teams store cache files under user directory > Appdata > Roaming folder. So use the below path to navigate to teams cache folder, the folder should look something like below.
Teams cache folder path: C:\Users\<your user id>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams

Clear Teams cache for teams not loading and keep loading issue

Once you are inside the Teams folder, Quit Teams app and delete everything from inside the folder. After deleting the file inside the Teams folder, restart your Microsoft Teams app and check if it keeps loading or not. If it still not loading then follow method 2 below.

## Method 2: Reinstallation

As always, reinstallation is the master stroke of troubleshooting. Most of the times reinstallation can resolve the problem very quickly. And it has been tested and verified that this app launch issue can be resolved by simply reinstalling Microsoft Teams.

To reinstall Teams, first remove the app from “Apps and Programs setting” and then download a new version of the app and install it.
A point to note, reinstallation is good because sometimes app does not auto update, in such cases reinstallation helps to update the app to the recent version.
You can install the app from

microsoft teams keeps on loading uninstall from settings
remove Teams app
microsoft teams not loading reinstall the app
download teams app

## Method 3: Change Compatibility Settings

This is a strange but working solution for Teams issues. Sometimes, changing compatibility mode of Microsoft Teams fixes app not loading or keeps loading issues. Moreover it also removes other issues such as caa70004 issue of Teams (check the troubleshooting guide for caa7004 here). This solution also fixes Teams crashing problems as well.
To change compatibility mode of Microsoft Teams follow the below steps

  1. Right click on Teams icon and open properties.
  2. Select the Compatibility tab and check “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
newbietechie-change-teams - compatibility-teams not loading

Click Ok and restart Microsoft Teams app and check if your Teams app is loading or still not starting

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