[30+ Questions] PowerApps Interview Preparation Guide – Mostly Asked

!!! Complete PowerApps Interview Preparation Guide !!!

DataVarse diagram with PowerApps for PowerApps interview preparation
Trying to become a PowerApps app developer? Then please Check the questions below and clear your interview.

In this post I am going to share with you the knowledge of PowerApps interview preparation thorough this questions. I have collected these from various PowerApps interview. So it will give you an understanding of how these interview questions are for an experienced professional. Though this post is mainly for experienced professionals(1-2 years) but this can help a beginners as well.

*** PART – I : PowerApps Interview Preparation ***

To reduce document length, I have divided this PoweApps interview preparation post in two parts. Part-I is mostly on descriptive and explanation questions.
Please check Part-II for coding example questions and scenario based questions. Link is below.

PowerApps logo in powerapps interview preparation post

PowerApps interview preparation Part II >>

#Q: What is PowerApps? Why PowerApps is used?

Power Apps is Microsoft new Platform as a service. It is a low-code/no-code platform for building powerful, robust and beautiful business applications. The best thing is that, it is very easy to deploy to any platform (i.e. Windows, Tablet, Mobile, etc.).
Furthermore, you can build small to large scale business applications using PowerApps in very less time. Moreover, it requires very less coding experience, so you do not need to have any dedicated programmer to build the application for you. This helps companies to cut down unnecessary expenses.
As most of the development method follows component model approach, so it is very easy to design. Apart from that, if a company provides O365 license to its users then PowerApps free version comes with it so you do not need to pay extra for it.
Win-Win for everyone.

Do you know the role of a PowerApps Consultant job?

Yes definitely I do, I have worked on multiple projects for both PowerApps development and consultation.
Now depending on the requirement, I may need to develop applications for end users or I may need to help them with their applications. Also sometimes, end users request guidance for a PowerApps solution or need to understand more on the possibilities of PowerApps. All of these falls under PowerApps consultant’s responsibilities.

#Q: How many types of app can be created in PowerApps? Describe them.

Currently PowerApps provide option to create 3 types of applications. Canvas app, Model driven app and Portals.
Canvas App: as the name says, you start with a blank canvas and customize it the way you want it. Hence, this approach is very good if you are trying to design your own layout and connect to a 3rd party data source. Furthermore, you can create very powerful and beautiful application using canvas apps very quickly.
Model Driven App: Model-driven app design is a component-focused approach to app development. Model-driven app design doesn’t require code and the apps you make can be simple or very complex.

#Q: What is a Model Driven App?

Model Driven apps are built upon Microsoft DataVarse data. And unlike canvas app development where the designer has complete control over app layout, with model-driven apps much of the layout is determined for you and largely designated by the components you add to the app. To learn how to create a Model Driven, check out the blog posts available under Power Platform > Power Apps menu.

  • Model-driven app design provides the following benefits
    • Rich component-focused no-code design environment.
    • Create complex responsive apps with a similar UI across a variety of devices from desktop to mobile

#Q: Pros and Cons of Model Driven and Canvas Apps? Difference between them

Canvas Apps are good when are trying to design your own layout. Also canvas apps can be connected to many data sources such as Google Drive, Drop Box, One Drive and many more with more than 200 data sources available. Moreover, canvas apps also allows you to connect Power Automate Flows with the app.

Model Driven Apps are good when you do not want to create a custom view but want to show the data which is already available in the DataVarse. Or when you are just willing to create an app to connect to your Datavarse. Pro is it is very reactive and can support many different layouts including PC, Tablet, Mobile etc.

*Note: Both the apps can be used in Mobile, Tablet and PCs.
model driven vs canvas app in powerapps interview preparation question

#Q: What is CDS?

CDS is a abbreviation of Common Data Service which again points to Microsoft Datavarse. Dataverse lets you securely store and manage data that’s used by business applications. Furthermore, DataVarse stores data within a set of tables, a table is a set of rows and columns. The benefits of using DataVarse are many below are some of them.

  • Easy to manage
  • Secure
  • Logic and validation at Data layer

#Q: What is a Data Source? Give some examples

As we all understand and know that data is at the core of most apps. The same is true for PowerApps. Now, data source stores this data in a secure format and we use connection to connect our app with this data for our need. Power Apps has connectors for many popular services and on-premises data sources, including SharePoint, SQL Server, Office 365, Salesforce, and Twitter.

preparing for powerApps interview with different available data source in PowerApps

#Q: Can we use multiple data sources in one canvas app? Then how to add?

Yes, you can add multiple data sources in Power Apps canvas apps.
Therefore, to add a new data source, on the left pane, select Data > Connections. Then choose the kind of data source (i.e. Twitter, SharePoint, Facebook, etc.) and confirm.

#Q: What is error handling? How can we handle errors in PowerApps?

Error handling is an approach of programming which helps to identify errors in application and prevent something from happening (i.e. application crash).
Similar to any other applications, PowerApps has many functions to check and handle errors. Some of them are IfError(), IsError(), IsBlankOrError() etc. Depending on the requirement you can use the formula you want.

#Q: What are Collections? Write an example of creating a collection?

Collection is special kind of data other than variable. In other words, a collection is a kind of data source and, therefore, a table. To create a collection you can use the ClearCollect function.

#Q: What different variables available in PowerApps? Explain using code how to define them.

PowerApps has two types of variables, local and global. Local variables are also known as Context variables in Power Apps.

To create a local variable use the UpdateContext() variable. Example: updatecontext({localVariableName : value});

And similarly to create a global variable use the Set function(). Example: Set(globalVarName, value);

#Q: What are Security Roles and how to create a security role for Power Apps?

Security roles controls a user’s access to an environment’s resources through a set of access levels and permissions. Furthermore, the combination of access levels and permissions that are included in a specific security role governs the limitations on the user’s view of apps and data, and on the user’s interactions with that data. There are different kind of roles available, such as System Admin, System Customizer, Service Reader etc. These roles are not only related to Power Apps but can be used in other applications as well.

#Q: What do you understand by Environment in PowerApps?

You can understand an environment as a location for storing data related to particular a domain or a field, for example, different job roles.
As an example, consider your organization has Developers and IT Support domain and both of them work on PowerApps development. But their work should not collide with each other. Hence to separate this two domains you can create two different environments and give access to the correct person.

#Q: What is Environment variable? How to create one

In PowerApps, Environment variables are created for an environment and they store the parameter keys and values. In addition to that, these variables serve as input to various other application objects.
These approach helps in separating the parameters from the consuming objects and allows you to change the values within the same environment or when you migrate solutions to other environments. Below are some benefits of Environment variables.

  • Provide new parameter values while importing solutions to other environments.
  • Store configuration about the data sources of canvas apps and flows. For example, You can store SharePoint Online site and list parameters in an environment variables; therefore allowing you to connect to different sites and lists in different environments without needing to modify the apps and flows.
  • To learn more, check here.

#Q: What is Combo Box? How is it different from Drop-down?

Combo box is a type of control in Power Apps canvas app. Furthermore, a Combo box control allows you to search for items you will select. Moreover the search happens in the server so this search feature do not impact the performance. When searching for items to select, for each item you can choose to show a single data value, two values, or a picture and two values (Person) by modifying the Layout settings in the Data pane.
Drop down is another type of control available in PowerApps. This control conserves screen real estate, especially when the list contains a large number of choices. The control takes up only one line unless the user selects the chevron to reveal more choices. The control will show a maximum of 500 items.

Hope this post gave you an overview about PowerApps interview preparation requirements and what are the questions asked in interview. Use the below link to check part-II

PowerApps interview preparation Part II >>

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