SharePoint Beginner Course: What is SharePoint? How to use?

SharePoint Beginner Course on “what is SharePoint” and “how to use it”

SharePoint Beginner Tutorial: 103

Applicable to: All versions of SharePoint including SPO 365 (office 365)
How to use SharePoint Online Tutorial
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What will you learn?

This is the 3rd tutorial of SharePoint beginner course. If you have not checked the previous tutorials in this course, we request you to check them before proceeding.
However, In this tutorial you will learn the following

  1. How to setup a new SharePoint site.
  2. Understand site contents page and its usage
  3. How to create new lists and libraries
  4. Add new columns in libraries
  5. Create new page customize it and set as home page

Create a new SharePoint site

To create a new SharePoint site,

  1. Navigate to
  2. Open SharePoint from all apps.
    Open SharePoint root web page SharePoint course
  3. On the next page, choose, “+ Create Site”
    SharePoint online course create site
  4. Next, choose site type (mostly commonly used is “Team Site”)
  5. Give it a name and add an additional owner and click Next.
    Online SharePoint course to create a page
  6. And your site is ready.
    free course sharepoint online site created

Site contents and its usage

Site contents is a location where you can see all the available contents of the site. All available lists, libraries, pages, subsites and other contents will be accessible from here. You can also create new lists and libraries from the site contents menu.

site contents page SPO
Site Contents page

Create new Lists and Libraries

As explained in the previous SharePoint tutorial, Lists help to store data in a tabular format.
To create a list, simply navigate to Site Contents page, click “+ New” and select List. You can either choose to create from blank, create from a previous list or create from excel sheets. You also have option to choose pre-existing templates if you wish.

SharePoint online beginner course how to create List
List creation options in SharePoint online

For this example, we are creating from the template “Issue Tracker”. Select it, give it a name and create it. Your list should look like below once you have created it.
Click on new button to start creating records(known as items) in the list.

SharePoint course blank list display

On the other hand, Libraries are used to store documents and other files and allows you to share with other users easily.
To create a document library, navigate to Site Contents page and select new > Library. Unlike lists, for libraries there are no available templates.
Simply give it a name and create. Libraries can also have custom columns to store additional data. A blank library should look like below. As you can see, an additional upload option available for Library which is not available in Lists.

sharepoint library beginner course

Add new columns in Lists and Libraries

Column allows us to store additional information, like “User’s Manager” or “Due Date” or “Price”, it depends on the requirement.
You can create new columns in two ways

1. From the view itself. Click on the “+ Add Column” give it a name, type and other related details and click save.

SharePoint tutorial create a new column

2. Or you can create from List/Library settings.

Create a new column from settings SharePoint beginner course

Create a new page and customize it

SharePoint site pages gives your users an overview of your site similar to any other web sites. Pages can be designed very beautifully with only drag and drop features. You can add as many pages as you wish.
To create a page, navigate to Site Contents > Click new and choose Page. Your page should look like below at the beginning.

SharePoint beginner course SharePoint Online Page Editing settings
SharePoint new page and editing options

To make the new page as a home page, please navigate to Site Contents > Site Pages. Right click on the newly created page and mark it as homepage.

To learn more on the capabilities of SharePoint modern pages check here

That’s all, we hope this SharePoint beginner course helped you to understand little better.
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