Top 11 SharePoint Developer Interview Questions with Answers


| Looking for SharePoint developer interview questions?

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In this post I have shared many interview questions which are most commonly asked for a 2-5 years experienced SharePoint developer role. I have gathered these questions from multiple experienced professionals and also shared from my experience as well.

So if you are looking to ACE your next SharePoint developer interview then these questions are definitely a good place to start with.

| Target Audience of this post

Individual’s who are looking for a job switch as a SharePoint developer with at least 2 years experience in SharePoint, will find these questions helpful.

Note: This post is mainly created for SharePoint online developer role

| Expected Knowledge Base

If you are applying for a SharePoint developer role with 2+ years experience then below are technologies you should have familiarity with.

  • SharePoint online/on-prem
  • Visual Studio 2013 or later
  • Web-part development & deploy using Visual Studio
  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • C# .Net
  • ASP .Net (good to have)
  • SharePoint Web APIs
  • React.js, node.js or other JavaScript frameworks
  • SharePoint framework (SPFx web part development)

You do not need to know all of the above but if you are familiar with at least 50-60% of the above tools/technologies then you are a suitable candidate for the job role.

| Questions

#1. What is the difference between SharePoint Online and On-prem

Basic difference is, SharePoint Online is hosted on Microsoft server and On-prem is hosted in inhouse servers.
In other words Most of the services and apps in SharePoint online are preconfigured for you and the deployment is also made easy. However incase of On-prem, you have to configure everything from scratch.

#2. What is Power platform? How is it connected with SharePoint online?

Microsoft Power Platform is a line of business intelligence, app development, and app connectivity software applications. It focuses on low-code/no-code solution development to improve customer experience.

Similar to SharePoint online Power Platform is also a Microsoft product. Hence integration of these two are fairly simple and easy. Power Platform applications such as PowerApps and Power Automate are very powerful but easy to use to SharePoint online.

#3. What is Power Automate?

Power Automate is an application from the pool of applications available in Power Platform. Power Automate is a very powerful tool for creating business/process automation. If you want to learn more about Power Automate, check the below document.

What is Microsoft Power Automate Flow? – Beginners Tutorial

#4. What is the difference between SP2010 Workflows and Power Automate?

Well SP2010 workflows were part of SharePoint application and hence it had only SharePoint related features and functionalities. However as Power Automate is an entirely different application, it is capable of much more than just SharePoint related tasks.

#5. Give some examples of Power Automate flows

Some example of Power Automate flows are

  • Send Document review/expiry notice emails from SharePoint
  • Manage document approvals
  • <Put your set of examples>

#6. What different type of Apps can you create using PowerApps?

Mainly there are 3 types of apps can be created using PowerApps. They are, canvas apps, model driven apps and PowerApps portals. Depending upon the user requirement we choose between these types of apps.

#7. What are different types of controls available in canvas app?

There are many different types of controls available for customizing a canvas app in PowerApps. Some of them are Textbox, Dropdown, Image, Gallery control etc.

I have created two posts with dedicated PowerApps interview related questions. If you are interested, please check using the below link

[30+ Questions] PowerApps Interview Preparation Guide – Mostly Asked

#8. What is CSOM & JSOM? How is it used to customize SharePoint?

CSOM is client side object model. As the name suggests, this is a way of customizing SharePoint by tweaking client side rendering logics. In SharePoint client side object model can be used in many different ways such as

  • JavaScript library
  • .net framework
  • REST/OData endpoints

On the other hand JSOM represents JavaScript Object Model. In this approach, JavaScript is used to tweak the rendering by modifying client side code. JS based solutions can be directly deployed to SharePoint sites using content-editor/script-editor web parts. Or can be deployed as an application.

#9. What is an API? Is there any API available in SharePoint?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, is a way to communicate(get/send) data to/from one application to other application. Similar to other applications SharePoint also has API end points which can be used to retrieve/update/create/delete files or folders.

To learn more about SharePoint APIs check this Microsoft documentation

#10. Give an example of SharePoint REST endpoint

Below are some examples of SharePoint REST endpoints with their task

GET: <Site URL>/_api/web/lists – To get all the lists from a site
GET: <Site URL>/_api/web/lists/getbytitle(‘List Title’) – Get a list by title

Here is a document which covers SharePoint APIs in more detail.

#11. What is SharePoint framework (SPFx)

SharePoint framework or SPFx is the latest solution from Microsoft for developing custom SharePoint applications. Due to tight integration between SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Viva Connections, developers can also use SPFx to customize and extend all of these products.

Some features of SPFx web parts are

  • It runs in the context of the current user and connection in the browser.
  • It’s framework-agnostic. You can use any JavaScript framework that you like including, but not limited to, React, Handlebars, Knockout, Angular, and Vue.js.
  • Performance is reliable.
  • The controls are rendered in the normal page DOM.
  • SPFx web parts can be added to both classic and modern pages unlike classic web parts which can be added to classic pages only.

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