[Resolved] Teams Profile Picture Not Updated / updating?

[Resolved] – Teams Profile Picture Not Updating Issue

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What can you resolve by following this post?

This blog post is for the below Microsoft Teams Profile Picture update related issue. However these troubleshooting steps can also be applied to other issues as well.

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  • How do I get my picture to show up in Teams?
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Microsoft Teams related information

Please note, Microsoft Teams application has two instances as below.
The web application always fetches data from the server so it is always good to troubleshoot with the web application first.

  1. Desktop application – provided by your company IT (you can install yourself as well)
  2. Web applicationhttps://teams.microsoft.com/

Troubleshooting – Teams Profile Picture Not Updated

#. First identify the issue

First step is to check if the issue is in Teams desktop app or with your account.

  1. Open Teams web application and login with your company email-id, password.
  2. Check if your Teams profile picture is updated in the web app.
    1. If picture is correct in web application, then issue seems to be with desktop application cache.
    1. If picture is showing wrong in web application, then your profile pic did not sync with company server yet. In this case please check after 24-48 hours. After waiting, check the web app again and if it is still the same, contact your company IT.

If your profile picture is correct in web application, then please follow the below methods for fixing the desktop app.

Resolution – Teams Profile Picture Not Updated Issue

Method 1: Simple Cache clearance

  1. First, sign out of your Teams application and then sign back in. This is a quick step to reload all the Teams application cache. Follow the image below.
Sign Out because Teams profile picture not updated
sign out
  1. After signing in, please check if your Teams profile picture is showing correctly. If it did not change, follow method 2 below.

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*For the below two methods, you need to close your outlook application as well

Method 2: Manual Cache Clearing

  1. As previous step did not resolve the issue, it seems to be due to cache, we will clear the application cache.
  2. First, sign-out of Teams application and close Outlook application.
  3. Microsoft stores Teams application cache in C drive inside users folder. Use the below path to navigate to Teams cache location.
    C:\Users\<your user id> \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams
Teams Cache location
  1. Once you are in the folder, select everything and delete. If you are unwilling to delete, you can cut everything and paste them in a separate location as backup.
  2. After removing the cache files, sign-in to Teams application and check if your profile picture is showing correctly.

If it is still the same, follow the method below.

Method 3: Clean Reinstallation

  1. First Sign-out of Teams Application.
  2. Then open Windows settings > Apps and Search for Teams.
  3. Click Uninstall and wait for uninstallation to complete.
  4. Once uninstalled, follow method 2 to clear cache folder.
  5. Then use the below path to navigate to Teams installation folder and remove everything inside.
    C:\Users\<your user id>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams.
  6. Uninstallation is completed.
  7. To install the desktop app navigate to teams web app and click download. Run the installer after download is complete.
    Download Teams
  8. Open app and check if your Teams profile picture is updated and showing correctly.

Method 4: Update Picture from Office web

Sometimes, updating images from the Teams app does not work. In such scenarios, you can try to update the image from any other application or from the office.com web application. To update the image from office web app, follow the below steps.

  1. Navigate to https://www.office.com/
  2. Click on your profile at the top right corner and update profile picture.
teams profile picture update from office.com
  1. Wait for few hours and check if it appears in all your office apps including Teams.
  2. If it does not appear in Teams then do a simple cache clearance(sing-out and Sign-in), and it should be visible.

Thank you for following, I hope this has helped you to resolve your Teams profile picture not updated issue. If profile picture still not updated, then please contact your company IT to help you fix the problem. Also, you can request them to open a Microsoft ticket as well.

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