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In this post I have discussed how to fix the (Error code 80090016 – Trusted Platform Module Has Malfunctioned) issue in Teams. However you can use the same steps for outlook troubleshooting as well.

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MS Teams

Teams Error Code: 80090016
Trusted Platform Module Has Malfunctioned

80090016 error screenshot
Screenshot: Teams Error Code 80090016

Error code 80090016 – Trusted Platform Module Has Malfunctioned is a common error in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. This Error happens because of many reasons and one of them is, the TPM module is not working as indented. However, there can be other reasons as well, such as Teams cache problem.

Follow all the steps below to fix this issue (error code 80090016) in Microsoft Teams.

What is TPM? Trusted Platform Module

According to Microsoft documentations, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology is designed to provide hardware-based, security-related functions. A TPM chip is a secure crypto-processor that is designed to carry out cryptographic operations.
TPM works by generating a pair of encryption keys, then stores part of each key securely, along with providing tamper detection. TPM offers a degree of trust and integrity that makes it easy to carry out authentication, identity verification, and encryption on any device, more details here.

  • Some features of TPM are
    1. Generate, store, and limit the use of cryptographic keys.
    2. Quarantine mode to allow checking a possible compromise

Solution – [ Teams Error code 80090016 ]
Trusted Platform Module has Malfunctioned

As mentioned above this error (80090016) can happen due to many reasons and one of them is your TPM module is not working as intended. So for troubleshooting this issue, you will need to update the TPM module. But before doing that, as the issue is related to Teams, first verify if it is related to Teams cache files.

Troubleshooting Guide

#1. Clear Microsoft Teams Cache

The teams error code 80090016 is due to some app cache file conflict/issue. So before doing anything else, clear your Teams cache files and check if it helps to resolve the issue. The steps to clear Teams cache files is mentioned below.

  1. Quit Teams
  2. Open Teams cache folder (shown in image 2 below)
  3. Clear everything inside the Teams folder
  4. Restart your PC (optional)
  5. Launch Teams app and check if the issue is resolved.
quit Teams newbietechie.com error 80090016
Image 1
Clear Teams cache for 80090016 error
Image 2

#2. Reconnect Your Device To Azure AD

For this troubleshooting you will need help from your company IT.

According to Microsoft document (https://microsoft.com/wamerrors) the Teams error code 80090016 occurs in devices which are not connected to Azure AD domain. So verify if your device is connected to Azure AD or not. To check if your device is connected, run the following command in command prompt
command: dsregcmd /status
If your device is not connected to Azure AD domain as mentioned below then contact your company IT, you can request them to refer this document or the above Microsoft document.

azure ad joined newbietechie
You should see a similar result. Compare the result with the below screenshot or using this link.
evaluate ad joined command related to Teams error code 80090016

#3. Update TPM module

If the previous step did not resolve the issue, then try to update your TPM module driver. TPM driver can be updated from Device Manager, follow the below image.

to resolve 80090016 trusted module malfunctioned update tpm

#4. Disable and Re-Enable Modern Authentication

Microsoft applications such as office 2013 uses a registry key to determine the method of authentication. The key is EnableADAL, which is located inside HKCU in registry editor.
Follow the below path and then check if you have the above mentioned registry key, if not, try creating one. For the steps to disable modern authentication and more information follow this Microsoft documentation.
One Point to note, if your company doesn’t have MFA as login method then keep the modern authentication disabled.

enableADAL newbietechie

#5. Reinstall Teams application

If the above methods did not resolve your problem then the issue may be in the application itself. So try to uninstall and reinstall the application and check if the issue is resolved.

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