Best Mechanical Keyboards India Under 5000 | Top 5 | Oct 2021

Best Mechanical Keyboards In India
Under 5000

Trying to find the best mechanical keyboards in India under 5000?
Well do not worry, check this post and find the best one currently available in India

best mechanical keyboard in india under 5000
A nice mechanical keyboard

According to a mechanical keyboard is a physical keyboard that uses an individual spring and switch for each key. Mechanical keyboards are very much appreciated by fast typists because they have a springiness and feel that is not the same as the low-cost membrane keyboard accompanying most computers.
So if you are willing to buy a mechanical keyboard, check the features of a mechanical keyboard below and choose the best on for your need.

Today, everyone wish to buy a mechanical keyboard due to their longevity and great user experience. But most often users do not know which one is the best and which one they should buy.
The crave for finding the best mechanical keyboard in India is also gradually increasing. Hence, in this post I wrote my suggestions on the top 5 best mechanical keyboards in India available under 5000 Rs. Check and find the one which works for you.

Features to Check Before you buy the best Mechanical keyboard

There are a number of features that defines the value of a mechanical keyboard and the most important of them is the switch. Below are some key features for a good mechanical keyboard

  • Switch company (Cherry Mx, Gaetron etc.)
  • Keyboard build quality
  • Stabilizers
  • Etc.

I have another post regarding mechanical keyboard features in details. Please give it a look if you are trying to know more about these features. Anyways, below are my suggestions for best mechanical keyboard under 5000 in India.

Mechanical Keyboards Under 5000 In India

5. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Nitro 1 Heavy Duty 104

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard
Zebronics-Zeb-Nitro-1 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 2000 in India
Zeb-Nitro 1
Pic Credit: Zebronics

This is the fifth keyboard in my top five mechanical keyboards list. It comes with Outemu switches and N-key roll over feature.
This keyboard is good if you are a beginner in mechanical keyboards. And, If you just trying to buy a budged friendly mechanical keyboard then I would recommend this 100%, no doubt. Otherwise I would recommend you to go for another one.

> Low Price
> Outemu Blue switch
> Full keyboard

> Cheap Fonts
> Non removeable wrist rest
> Not Braided Cable

4. Cosmic Byte CB-GK Firefly 18 – Outemu Red

My Favorite TKL Under 3k INR
Cosmic-Byte-CB-GK-18-Firefly best tkl mechanical keyboards India under 2500
CB-GK Firefly 18
Pic Credit: Cosmic Byte

This is the fourth keyboard in my top five mechanical keyboards list. This is one of the best TKL keyboards that you can find at this low price. Although this is a good keyboard but it has some flaws as well.

> Low Price
> Outemu Red switch
> Compact Size

> Stabilizers are not up to the mark
> No wrist rest
> No-braided cable

3. Amkette EvoFox Katana

amkette-evofox-katana cheapest keyboard with wrist rest
Pic: Amazon

This is also one of the best budged mechanical keyboards in India as per its features. It comes with a bunch of features but the price is less compared to its features. Moreover, it also comes with a wrist rest which is a good to have tool for Mechanical keyboards.

> Fully customizable with software
> Braided Cable
> Detachable Wrist Rest

> Cheap fonts
> Not up to the mar stabilizers
> Not reliable for long run

2. Redragon K551 Rainbow

best full mechanical keyboards India
Pic: Amazon

I like this keyboard because this is a full size keyboard but has a very compact design. Also it has quite sturdy metal body. Moreover, it comes with Outemu red switches so typing experience is pretty good as well. Only downsides are cheap keycaps and fonts.

> Full Keyboard with metal base
> Outemu red switches

> Cheap Fonts
> Average stabilizers
> No wrist rest

The Winner

I know you have been looking for the best mechanical keyboard to buy under 5000. But you know it is very difficult to mark a single one as winner when the competition is pretty hard. Hence, I have few mentions for the best mechanical keyboards in India. No doubt you can buy any one of them.

#1.2 Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius Bluetooth

Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with Outemu Switch
cheap best wireless mechanical keyboards india
Pic Amazon

Who doesn’t like to see the computer desk clean, well this keyboard can help. This CB-GK-14 from Cosmic Byte is bang for the buck if you are looking for a wireless mechanical keyboard. Moreover, this is cheap but one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards available in India currently. Comes with Outemu switch which is definitely a plus and also has dedicated media controls. So go ahead and grab it now! Use the link on the left and check its price.

> Compact and small size
> Dedicated Media control
> Wireless Bluetooth

> At this price Outemu keys are cheap
> No option for different switch

#1.1 Corsair K68 Mechanical

beast mechanical keyboards winner India
Pic: Amazon

I hope I do not need to emphasize on the brand value of Corsair. Everyone knows that they are one of the best keyboard manufacturers. This is Corsair’s entry level mechanical keyboard. Although it comes with single red color but the rest of the features outperform all the above. Most important feature is that it comes with Cherry Mx Red switches!!!! Definitely give it preference if you can bear the cost but I can assure you that your money will not be wasted.

> Cherry Mx Red Switches
> Dedicated Media Controls
> Sturdy Metal base
> Wrist rest

> Costly
> Little Heavy if you need to carry.

Well, that’s all I have and I hope you liked the above post about best mechanical keyboards in India. Check our other buying guides and tech-guides in
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