How to Use SharePoint? What is SharePoint? Best Beginner Tutorial

Trying to learn how to use SharePoint?

Well we got you covered with this SharePoint Beginner Tutorial Series

Applicable to: All versions of SharePoint including SPO 365 (office 365)
How to use SharePoint Online Tutorial
Collaborate Brilliantly

Who this tutorial is for? Any prior knowledge needed?

  • If you are trying to become a daily SharePoint user then this course is for you.
  • If you trying to become a SharePoint admin, then this course is definitely for you.
  • If you are trying to become a SP developer then this course is for you.

This is for anyone who is willing to use SharePoint for collaboration. This is tutorial is very simple and designed for beginners but if you are a professional then this will help you to increase your knowledge as well.
No prior experience is needed. Moreover, No knowledge on any programming language is needed.

What will you learn?

By the end of this tutorial series, you should be able to manage a SharePoint site perfectly. In addition to that, we will provide you basic knowledge of troubleshooting as well.

To reduce the document length and to make it easy to learn, we have divided this tutorial in multiple parts. We will start from the very basic and move towards complex concepts gradually. We recommend you to complete 1 to 2 chapters daily to understand all the concepts perfectly.
Chapter index with links to pages provided below.


Click on the links to navigate to the tutorial page.

Tutorial: 101

  1. What is SharePoint site ? What is the use of it?
  2. How to use it for collaboration ?
  3. How it is different from Google Drive or Drop Box ?
  4. How to open a site ?

Tutorial: 102

  1. Get familiar with SharePoint
  2. Share a site with internal and external users
  3. What are List and Libraries
  4. Basic site settings
  5. Basics of site permission

Tutorial: 103

  1. Setup a SharePoint new site
  2. Understand site contents page and its usage
  3. Create new Document Libraries and Lists
  4. Add new columns in lists and libraries
  5. Create a new page Customize it and set it as a homepage.

Tutorial: 201

  1. How to create new Lists from Excel Sheet
  2. What is check-out feature? How to leverage it
  3. Create/update multiple items in a list at once.
  4. Setup alerts to receive email notifications for a new file or item

Tutorial: 202

  1. More on site permissions and unique permissions
  2. More on site settings and library settings
  3. Create new content type for document library
  4. How to sync SharePoint with File explorer
  5. Basic access issue troubleshooting

What’s Next

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Some of the features discussed in this tutorial are not available in SP2013 or earlier (please check Microsoft documentation for detailed information).
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