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What is Windows 365?

After being successful in Azure and Office 365, Microsoft is now moving towards a BIG and BOLD move with the brand new Windows 365 PC.
The new Windows 365 will be a cloud based solution which will allow users to login to their windows PC remotely and safely using any device.

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Windows 365 is essentially an entire windows PC in the cloud which will be streamed to you directly when you request for it. Moreover, it will have features like scalable storage space (automatically scaled as you need) and can be accessed using your smart phones as well. Also it will be very secure as the entire data will be hosted on the cloud.

WHY Windows 365?

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To understand why “Windows 365” we must understand that there are major factors or incidents which leads to new business expansions. Microsoft’s new Windows 365 is also due to something similar (as per our understanding). As far as we understood, we found the below key reasons why Microsoft is building the new solution.

  • Centralized Computer Management System
  • Secure platform for everyone
  • Very easy to upgrade a system
  • Loosely bounded system – i.e. do not require dedicated hardware
  • Less carbon footprint because of less number of systems

Why Microsoft took this opportunity?

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In simple words, Microsoft defined a new way of computer management. And second, Microsoft is trying to lead the cloud platform with this solution.

  1. Microsoft’s new step towards cloud centered applications – When Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft in 2014, he moved towards cloud centered solutions. Microsoft’s previous applications such as Azure and O365 apps are very highly cloud centered. Similarly Microsoft is moving towards making Windows 365 as their cloud centered/hosted/managed OS.
  2. Organizations are looking for more secure and robust solutions for WFH employees – Due to Covid-19 pandemic various companies had to allow their employees to work from home. Although all corporate network is pretty strong and secure but still they wanted an additional layer of security. Now given that Windows 365 is a complete cloud only solution, there is no doubt it will be very secure.


The new Windows 365 is coming with a bag full of features including the most important feature, very highly secure. The key features are listed below.

  • Scalable solution – Your device will grow as per your need. Moreover, companies can upgrade their employees devices (RAM, CPU etc.) in no time. Apart from that cleaning, redeploying and maintaining devices will become very very easy as everything will managed and maintained through cloud.
  • No dedicated Hardware – The new windows 365 will not require you to have a dedicated hardware to install it. Instead, it will be available to you directly via internet to any of your desired devices, giving you the freedom to travel without boundaries.
  • ZERO TRUST: Security is Everything – As the internet is growing complex and becoming daily part of our lives, security is becoming a must need. Keeping this in mind Microsoft has put security at the fore front. They are working on an approach called “Zero Trust” security for this solution, this will ensure security is not compromised at any cost.


I believe that the new windows 365 is going to revolutionize the way enterprise devices are managed and maintained. Work from home will become a breeze for the companies and will help organizations to grow beyond the boundaries easily and flexibly.

Although the solution seems quite promising but Microsoft is going to make this available to only organizations at the beginning. They have not yet confirmed the possibility if this will be available for normal consumers/users.

Microsoft is also seeing this as a big selling product, but only time can tell how it will perform once it is live.

Cons / Potential Problem

Although there are many features which are admirable but, there is a catch. As the entire solution is hosted on the cloud, the network latency will define user experience. Although Microsoft is saying that network latency should not cause issue but only time will confirm this. Till then I am also waiting for it!

And this feature will only be available to organizations so it is not targeted to a large audience. Hence the price will also be a considering factor.

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