WSAPPX – What is AppX Deployment Service

AppX Deployment Service (AppXSvc) is a windows service which supports deployment of windows store applications. Though this application is required but sometime it can degrade PC performance quite a bit. Thus in this post we have shared the steps to improve PC performance due to Appx Deployment Service related issue.

AppX Deployment Service (AppxSvc)

wsappx appx deployment service screenshot

What is AppX Deployment Service (AppXSvc)?

Wsappx – AppX Deployment Service (AppXSvc) is a windows service which supports deployment of windows store applications and helps to update install and activate them in your windows PC. If it is disabled or not running properly then your windows store apps may not function as intended. This service is still available in windows 10 and 11, as of date 11th Nov 2021.

Why is Wsappx required?

This AppX Deployment service is started on demand, i.e. if you are installing a software in your PC or if your PC is trying to update a software from the app store. This service should not consume more than 10-12% of CPU and should not cause the PC to hang or freeze. The wsappx service is run mostly when you restart your PC or when something needs to be installed/updated otherwise you will not see it running. Or even if it is running it will consume very less amount of your CPU, RAM and HDD space.

Is AppXSvc causing Poor PC Performance?

AppX Deployment Service related issues can cause poor PC performance by utilizing too much PC resources such as CPU, RAM, HDD.

AppXSvc can slow down your PC if it consumes more than 15-20% of your CPU resource. If you see AppXSvc is running and consuming more than 15% of CPU resources then you can either wait until the process is completed or you can stop the process from running next time(the second process is not recommend as it can lead to other PC/application issues).

AppXSvc related issues can also be caused if you have a bad HDD which does not provide good read/write speed or if you have fairly less amount of RAM installed(i.e. less than 6GB).

Fix all WSAPPX Related Issues

#. Slow startup

Most recommended approach should be to wait until the process is complete. As this process helps to update windows store apps, closing this service forcefully may cause errors in those apps.

Another possible solution would be to open your Microsoft store and update all the apps manually regularly. So that it doesn’t check for updates on the next run.

However in some PCs this may never happen. The process can be buggy or may be triggered by a virus, in such cases you are better of following the below methods.

#. Update your Windows

If the process is buggy then Microsoft is going to fix it. Microsoft fixes are applied through monthly patches or updates. So if you have not updated your PC for a while, I would recommend you to update your PC to the latest version of windows (10 or 11). You can open the update panel from Windows >> settings >> update & security. Verify if there are any mandatory pending updates.

windows is up to date

#. Disable the AppXSvc service from registry

Did you know that you can stop a service from starting if you change the values in registry? The same is true for AppX Deployment Service as well. You can change the registry key of the service to stop it from running from next time. Follow the steps below to stop the service using registry key.

Note. – This process is not recommended as it can lead to other PC/application related issues.

Registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\AppXSvc

Appx deployment service registry
  1. Navigate to the registry location shown above
  2. Select the AppXSvc folder
  3. double click on the Start(Reg_dword) and change the value to 4 (to disable it).
    value: 3 means enable and 4 means disable

Restart your computer to see the changes

Unable to load image

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#. Disable Microsoft Store

If you do not use windows store to install apps then you can disable it, then the process will never run as store is disable.

**Note. this process does not work in windows 11 (as of date 11th Nov 2021)

You can disable windows store from gpedit.msc panel, follow the detailed steps below

  1. in windows search for gpedit.msc
  2. In the Group Policy Editor, navigate the path: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Store
  3. Then turn off the store application from the context menu
turn off windows store for AppxSvc issue - wsappx

In the new window, select “Enable” and click okay and close the Group Policy Editor.

Turn off windows store confirm

That’s all, restart your PC to see the changes.

Unable to load image

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#. Scan your PC for Virus

Although wsappx (AppXSvc) is not a virus but it can be triggered by a virus. If you are using any cracked windows applications or OS, then there is a chance that your OS has virus. So if the previous methods did not fix the issue with appx deployment service, I would recommend you to scan your PC with an antivirus software.

Well that’s all I have for fixing the windows performance issues with wsappx (AppX Deployment Service). I hope you have found this helpful and was able to resolve your issue.

Thank you for reading.

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